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Your heat pump is the heart of your HVAC system. Without it, your space won't receive the warm or cool air it needs. If you're having trouble warming or cooling your property, work with a heat pump company to uncover and fix the problem.

Blacks Heat Pumps is the company for the job. We know the ins and outs of heat pumps and can do whatever it takes to get yours up and running. We can even offer heat pump efficiency tips that help to keep your system running at its peak. Our team serves residents and business owners all around Glenburn, ME.

Between our maintenance, repairs and installations, there's no good reason not to call us today for service. Dial 207-631-0558 today to set up a service visit.


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Cleanings and Repairs

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Useful Tips

Discover how to maintain your heat pump.

What can we do for your HVAC system?

What kind of heat pump services do you need? We have the tools and experience needed to make your home or office HVAC system run well again. Rely on us for:

Blacks Heat Pumps can equip your building with Fujitsu heat pumps, which are known to last a long time. Residential and commercial heat pumps are our specialty-let us fix or replace yours today.

Trust your HVAC needs to a professional team

Not every heat pump company offers expert service from a knowledgeable team. Blacks Heat Pumps is fully licensed and insured to provide heat pump services in the Glenburn, ME region. Our crew knows what to look for and how to fix any issue. You can count on a job well done when you work with us.

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