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Mini Split Heat Pump Sales in Glenburn, Maine
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Blacks Heat Pumps Is Who to Call for Mini Split Heat Pumps

Are you looking for mini split heat pump sales in Glenburn, Maine? Blacks Heat Pumps is who to call. We have provided quality mini split heat pumps to residential and commercial customers since 2018. Mini split heat pumps are great for homes and businesses without existing ducts. They anchor to the wall and move air from the outside or inside, depending on the season. These heat pumps are great for making your HVAC system more efficient.

If you are interested in mini split heat pump sales, call us today at (207) 631-0558 for an estimate. Ask about financing.

Heat Pump Installation and Repair in the Glenburn, Maine, Area

Blacks Heat Pumps offers mini split heat pump installation and repair in the Glenburn, Maine, area. We work with Fujitsu equipment to provide comfortable heat or cool air to your space. Installation is simple with our dedication to the project.

As heat pumps age, they may need repair from time to time. A quick call to Blacks Heat Pumps can make this happen. Heat pumps are very intricate, and it is crucial to find a professional to get the job done right.

Keep Mini Split Heat Pumps Running for Longer with Maintenance

One way to keep repairs few and far between is having routine maintenance on your mini split heat pump. The technicians at Blacks Heat Pumps will properly inspect the system and ensure it is in working order. If we find any issues, we can make necessary repairs or replace the system.

Contact Blacks Heat Pumps for Heat Pump Covers in Bangor, Maine

Blacks Heat Pumps also offers heat pump covers for those in Bangor, Maine, and the surrounding areas. Keep your equipment safe from rain, snow, and pests with a cover. We offer various colors and styles to brighten up your HVAC equipment.

Routine Cleanings keep your Heat Pump running more efficiently and longer life when cleaned regularly, schedule your units cleaning today!

Cleaning rule of thumb: Every heat pump / air conditioner should have filters installed and these filters need to be washed to maintain optimum performance. Depending on the usage the recommended time frame between cleaning your filters will vary. If you use your unit daily, your filter should be cleaned at least once a month, and for those that use it less often, every three months should be sufficient. Please note that the cleaner the filter, the better the performance.

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