Stop the Endless Heat Pump Repairs

Stop the Endless Heat Pump Repairs

Consider these heat pump efficiency tips for your Glenburn, ME property

At Blacks Heat Pumps, we want everyone in Glenburn, ME to keep a variety of heat pump efficiency tips in mind. With a few basic steps, you can maintain your heat pump for a long time. If you take the time to perform a basic cleaning and filter swap, your HVAC issues can become a thing of the past.

If you're already experiencing heat pump problems, let us help. Reach out today to set up an appointment for service.

Top 5 heat pump efficiency tips

There are many ways to keep your heat pump running as efficiently as possible. Here are a few heat pump efficiency tips:

  1. Run your system lightly before running it at full capacity
  2. Clean the screens around your heat pump
  3. Replace the filters every three months
  4. Turn off your system while mowing the lawn
  5. Brush away grass clippings and debris often

Take care of your heat pump and it will take care of you. Email today to schedule a consultation or repair at your Glenburn, ME home.